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Spring Break?

March 7, 2011
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Argh. And again, I haven’t posted in forever. But now that I am commenting on other people’s blogs, I suppose I need to post, too. HA!
And also, HA!
Spring Break so far has been:

One evening of very good Belgian ale with two colleagues discussing the current batch of GCP trips and why I would or wouldn’t like to be on them: Paraguay — would be ok; Sweden — totally cool and fun, and has the advantage of not being too many time zones; Ethiopia — dude, it’s on the Horn of Africa, so kinda too far away, otoh, at least it’s with someone who knows the place, but did I mention it’s too many time zones?; Bahamas — not interested unless there’s a cricket match involved; Australia — would love to go some day, but again, way too many time zones to cross. Oz has the added temptation of being the right place to catch The Waifs on tour, but even that seems a poor payoff for the jet lag that would be involved. That, and honestly, if I were to travel that far, I’d try to fit in a trip to the Outback, a visit with a sf-writer friend and a couple of fen-friends in Melbourne and Canberra, and maybe time over to NZ to see old ex-pat friends in Christchurch (currently cleaning up post-earthquake).

What I really want is a trip to a place that has Roman or barbarian ruins and stuff (Spain would have those plus Muslim things — I could get behind that, ETA or no). Or maybe Aztec, Mayan, or Inca ruins. I could manage a week of ruins and football.

According to my friend who knows about these things (and agrees that this year’s Gouden Carolus Cuvée Van de Keizer Blauw was especially nice), I should be thinking about a GEL trip. Hmmm. möglicherweise…

Break has also been about grading and about taxes and about using one to procrastinate over the other.

Meanwhile, the misogynist Tea Party wars still rage on.


What? I haven’t posted since April??

November 9, 2010

Clearly, I need to post more. Because I don’t spend enough time on line already. But just in case the family decides to show up, here’s what I did today — found out that grand-niece Autumn has a blog! Went to my therapist — a new thing. She kept asking me if maybe I was feeling overwhelmed because I’m actually busy, rather than simply being a big failure at keeping up with things. She also asked if I thought I was hard on myself. Um. Is that a trick question?

Gaaaah. Conservatives in Power

May 7, 2010

Apparently people believed that the Tories would be better. What. The. Hell.

Finals week and Apple Blossom

May 3, 2010

Not necessarily in that order. ┬áSo a bunch of us did parts of “The Bloom” this last weekend. Several of the campus menfolk were at the Commonwealth Luncheon, which is the more civilized of the Friday Booze-ups for men. While the two men we were in charge of ferrying around were downing far too much beer and bourbon (and food), a friend of mine (wife of one of the men) and her three-year-old and I made our way around the Midway, buying overpriced food, looking at stuff, playing games, and generally just hanging out.

Picked up the guys (i.e., walked down to the restaurant and made sure they could stagger back), then hung out for the afternoon, grilled some burgers, and then off to the fireworks display, having missed the Firefighters’ Parade (biggest in the country!), where several units did, in fact, sound their sirens and horns. We did see a bunch of trucks beforehand, though, including a really nice red Mack fire engine, complete with the bulldog in uniform, from the lat 50s/early 60s. It reminds me that I should really get Dad out here for that some day.

Fireworks were good, but way too loud and dangerous. They set them off at about 250 ft, and several skidded along the ground, one into the crowd itself. But hey, they protected the new astroturf field at the high school. And now, back to grading and taxes…

Hello world!

April 18, 2010

Hmmm … may have to change to an even more customizable theme…